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It's All About Connections...


You believe that nature isn’t simply what surrounds your daily life. For you, nature nourishes your soul, thrills you to your toes, and energizes you to be part of it through gardening, hiking, canoeing, camping…anything to be out surrounded by it and connected to it. Nature makes your heart bloom!


And to you, jewelry isn’t just an accessory for an outfit. It’s an expression of who you are, your values, your interests. It expresses your unique style, and tells the world what you are most passionate about.


As an artist and gardener deeply connected to nature, I am inspired to create jewelry that evokes the beauty of the natural world. I strive to capture one ethereal and exquisite moment of nature, encapsulating it in a piece of art jewelry that becomes your talisman.


The biggest reward of my work is how my jewelry makes you feel; when it becomes part of you, a way for you to reveal a facet of your soul, a method of sharing your vision of authentic beauty, a declaration of how you see yourself in the world.


My jewelry is about nature, connections and relationships…it is imbued with the love, joy, passion and peace I feel when creating it. It is designed to embody the beautiful connection between you and nature each and every time you wear it!


I began my journey into creating art jewelry by wanting to make a connection between my loves of art, of craft, and of gardening. I create jewelry to help you tell your story, to inspire your heart to bloom, and to let you artfully express your vision of beauty.


How can I help you tell your story?

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