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Frequently Asked Questions


What Materials Do You Use?

Metals: The metals I use most are recycled fine (.999) silver, Argentium sterling silver, and 18K and 14K gold. I occasionally use recycled sterling silver (non-Argentium) for certain elements. Argentium is a proprietary sterling that contains germanium, which markedly reduces the need for polishing.


Gemstones: I use only genuine gemstones, and am entranced by all the colors that are available. I find I gravitate towards rhodolite garnet (raspberry colored), almandine garnet (orangy-currant color), grassy green peridot, light and dark purple amethyst, and tourmalines of all colors. But I love all natural gemstones, and haven’t met many gemstones I didn’t see a way I could use them in my design.


Natural Stones: I also like natural stones that have a story to tell. In many of my one-of-a-kind pieces, the stone is the central element, and the story it evokes determines its framing. For example, rutile prehnite of green and blacks reminds me of the dappled depths of my pond, so I will pair it with a hand-carved sterling koi. A piece of swamp bog jasper (yes, really!) is surrounded by cattail leaves and a cattail stem, and the back of the piece showcases a red-winged blackbird pierced out of the backplate.


Pearls: My floral elements are beautifully accented with the curves of pearls, both cultured oval and teardrop pearls. Keishi pearls, with their natural shapes and petal curves, are perfect to pair with the floral pendants. I also use half drilled pearls to replicate berries and other botanical elements.


What Are Your Processes?
I use contemporary jewelry making methods to capture the impressions of leaves, flowers and natural textures from my gardens, and then combined them using time-honored silversmithing techniques to create pieces of botanical wearable art.


The traditional silversmithing techniques I use everyday in my building of pieces include sawing, piercing, filing, etching, forging, dapping, fusing and soldering. I hand construct the silver and gold components, including custom-made bezels. I make each and every piece by hand without the help of any assistants.


Do you make custom pieces of jewelry?

Absolutely! I love working one-on-one to create a unique piece that will make your heart sing! Please contact me about design ideas and timelines.


Where do you sell your jewelry?

I am often at juried Art Festivals, displaying and selling my handcrafted jewelry directly to my cutomers. If you would like to view my entire collection in person, please see my Shows page to see when I will be in your area. I would love to meet you!


My online shop is available through this website...please contact me with any questions on customization.


Do you have more pieces available for sale not listed here that I can purchase?
Yes! I’m happy to work with you to help you find what you are looking for If you would like to see what items are available for immediate shipment, feel free to contact me! I’ll be happy to email pictures of my current pieces that are in stock. I will always do my utmost to make your perfect piece AND meet your deadlines.


How will my piece be shipped?
If in stock, your jewelry will be shipped immediately after payment confirmation via insured USPS First Class or Priority mail. If I am going to make a piece especially for you, it may take up to 3 weeks creation and shipment. Specific gemstone requests may take a little longer if I don’t have it in stock. If you have a specific deadline, please let me know, and I'll work with you to make sure you have the piece when you need it.


Ack! I broke my piece of jewelry from you! Can you fix it?
I stand 100% behind my work, and will do complimentary repairs within one year of the date of purchase. I'm happy to repair a piece after the one year date, though repairs may require a cost, especially if replacing gems. Please contact me for shipping information.


Help! I lost one of my earrings! Can you make another one to match?
Most times I can recreate a piece to match the one you have lost, especially with my simple leaves and flowers. Occasionally, I will need to recreate two earrings, as sometimes despite my best tries, there are differences in sizes of stones, or other factors. Usually if you do choose to have my recreate the pair, I can remake the single earring into a small pendant, or rework it another way. Either way, I will need you to send me the single earring to ensure that I can match it as best I can. Please contact me for shipping information.

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