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This is one of the talisman series of special stones with a story to tell, paired with a special animal, combined by a new bail type. All are 2020 creations.


This piece has a stunning cabochon of turqoise, in shades of teal with a matrix of caramel and chestnut. The stone is paired with a madiera citrine, which accents the matrix of the turqouise, circled by hand-twisted wire.


A hand-forged blossom has been finished with dozens of tiny stamens, which are made from snippets of extra sterling that have been balled up with my torch.


On the back, a bluebird is cut out of the sterling. The backplate has been textured with a maple leaf from Bellefonte, and is stamped with my mark, and .925. The "antennae" bail is a 2020 innovation, and ties it to this time of creativity. xo

Birdsong of Turqouise

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