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When I search for stones, I look for ones that speak to me, that evoke something that resonates with my love of nature. This incredible piece of rhodochrosite has incredible layers of color, in every shade of pastel pink to rose to watermelon pink.

This beautiful piece of rhodochrosite looks like the sun dappling through overhead branches and leaving patterns and color variations on the petals below.

I paired the stone with hand-made cherry blossoms in sterling silver. The pendant has two arched branches with cherry blossoms that come down to frame the stone.

The necklace is about 17-1/2" long, and has an extender that allows you to add up to 2-3/4" to the length. If you would like it permanently shortened to a different length (with or without an extender), I'd be happy to do this for you.

This is a one of a kind piece! Signed on the reverse, marked .925, and accented with a cut out heart.

Cherry Blossom & Rhodochrosite Necklace~"Arched Branches"

$198.00 Regular Price
$172.00Sale Price
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