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This sweet little bluebird is based on my memories living on my little farm near Middleburg, VA in the 1990s. As I rode my horse through rolling pastures, or drove my daughter to school down narrow back roads lined with stone walls dating to the early 1800s, occasionally a bluebird would flit out, with the breathless blue color on her back. I always told my young daughter "Any day you see a bluebird, it is going to be a happy, lucky day." Now, living where I don't see bluebirds (though always still look for them), I have created my own bluebird, for joy and for luck.

The bluebird is caught mid-flap of her cheerful wings. She is made of sterling silver, as is the enhancer bail that snaps opens to allow you to clasp it over small or large pearls, beads or omegas.

She measures just over 1" wide, and approximately 1" tall including the enhancer bail.

The last photo shows the size comparison between the large bluebird and the small bluebird.

Flying Bluebird Pendant/Enhancer~Large

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