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SPECIAL ORDER  *By Special Order, this piece will be made especially for you*


Behind our neighbor's 1896 stone Victorian home, complete with a turret and beautiful stained glass windows, is a huge old ginkgo tree. As ginkgo trees are very slow growing, I believe that this tree must be almost the same age as the house! The tree's leaves all turns a magnificent yellow in autumn, and then in one day, all the leaves rain down and form a golden blanket around its massive trunk.  It is from this tree's leaves that I made a mold to make these earrings.

This leaf has been recreated in .999 fine silver, and accented with my trademark vine swirl pendant/enhancer. At the end is a gorgeous, sparkly green peridot gemstone, cut in a faceted pear shape, and set securely in a prong setting.

These pendant measure just over 1-7/8" long and about 3/4" wide, including the enhancer bail.

The sterling silver enhancer bail hinges open and snaps shut to allow you to wear the pendant over a large chain, beads, pearls, ribbon, etc.

Ginkgo Vine Pendant with Peridot

  • Each and every piece is made by hand, which means your piece is unique! There will be small variations in each piece, your assurance that you are wearing an artisan-made piece of art jewelry, not a mass-produced and mass-distributed piece.

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