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As a child I spent much of my times in the woods, wading in the broad shallow stream behind our home, turning over rocks and catching minnows. For me, there is so much peace in the sound of running water.

Now, I have a koi pond behind our home, and the sound of running water comes from a bold stone waterfall that pours down two levels of rock into the pond. In the depths of the pond, bright orange, rich gold, and white flashes show the koi and goldfish...until I come over with the food! Then suddenly they come to the surface, ready to eat. It is a joyful part of my day, throwing food and seeing the fish eagerly eating.

I created these earrings in sterling silver, showing the koi swiming in full flex, muscular and sassy.

These earrings measure a little over 1" wide at the fin tips, and 1-1/2" tall including the ear wires.

Each piece is created by hand with .925 sterling ear wires, and these unique earrings have been patinated and polished to bring out the depth and details.

Koi Joy~Butterfly Koi Fish Earrings

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