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When I search for stones, I look ones that speak to me, that evoke something that resonates with my love of nature. Rutilated prehnite evokes "pond", the murky depths with sunlight beams flashing through, the flick of koi sassily and energetically swimming and surfacing. 

The piece is entitled "Koi Joy." This lovely stone is rutilated prehnite, a mix of transparent sage green highlighted with black tourmaline needles. The stone has an incredible depth and richness, like sunlight penetrating past the rich depths of floating surface plants.

I paired this gorgeous stone with a hand carved sterling silver Koi, in full flex, muscular and sassy. The pendant is backed with an Argentium sterling silver sheet, hallmarked with my name, date, and sterling hallmark.

This bails are tight shephards hooks, and the split rolo chain pictured (18") is included. The hooks are large enough to fit most chains and omegas. Measures 1-3/4" x 1-1/2".

This is a one of a kind piece!

"Koi Joy"~Pond Necklace with Rutile Prehnite

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