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Behind our 1891 Victorian home is a lovely old dogwood, with spreading branches that hang over my hammock. Our two springer spaniels spend their days in the shade of the dogwood, snoozing in the dappled shade. It is from this tree's leaves that I made a mold to make this pendant.

I made this pendant out of four leaves, creating a flower that resembles a Koussa dogwood flower or clematis. The rich veining of the leaves adds texture and sparkle to the pendant, and the center is accented with a creamy white pearl.

The pendant is designed with two shepherd hooks on the back, allowing you to wear it in two different ways, hanging as a cross or as an X shape. It easily fits over pearls, an omega, or most any sized chain. Also, I designed a split chain that allow so it can easily slip over pearls, beads or any chain. It has been polished to bring out the depth and detail.

These pendant measure 1-7/8" petal tip diagonally to petal tip, and about 1-3/8" from petal tip to adjacent petal tip.

Koussa Dogwood~Clematis Flower Pendant~White Pearl

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