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From my Trellis Collection*, this piece is hand built...each petal, vine and leaf is hand-made in tiny detail by hand in fine silver metal clay. The reverse has the pattern I found in an antique book, then etched onto an etched copper plate that I use to texture the precious metal clay (PMC).


The piece is designed to be reversible...not front to back, but from top to bottom! As I was building the piece and starting to add all the flowers, vines and leaves, I couldn't figure which way was better as "up," so I designed it to work either way. The enhancer bail snaps open on the hook on the reverse of each size, so you can wear it either direction.


The ruby has a gorgeous deep rosy color. It has inclusions, which adds to its depths. It is not gem-grade (This would be an $12,000 piece otherwise), but is lovely and radiant, and nice for its size. As many non-gem grade rubies, it likely has been glass-filled, a technique that gives stability to to pieces with inclusions. Please know, the price of this piece is based on the intricate work, not on the gem, but this in no way dimishes the beauty of the ruby, or lovliness of the piece.


The back of the piece is signed E. Hay., and has cut outs so that the ruby has more light, and to create a lovely positive/negative trellis effect behind the blossoms. The pendant measures approximately 1-5/8" by 1-1/4".


Made entirely from fine silver with a sterling bail, this is a one of kind piece. Shown with a 1.5mm wheat chain that I have oxidized.


*My Trellis Collection is a very limited collection of hand built, miniature garden designs. Each piece takes many, many hours to create, as each petal is made separately, then carefully joined by PMC slip. The flowers range from 1/8" to 1/4" in diameter. The Trellis Collection was created after I took a class with Saul Bell Award Winner, Polish jewelry artist Anna Mazon. The Saul Bell Award is the jewelry community's version of the Emmy's, recognizing the best, brightest, and also most innovative. It was an amazing class with an incredibly talented and innovative artist!


Morning Glory Flower Trellis Pendant with Ruby~Reversible

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